Clyde Crashcup is a recurring character in the 1961-1962 television series The Alvin Show. He is a scientist whose experiments invariably fail under the assistance of Leonardo, a short and quiet man.


Clyde is a tall and slim man with pale skin and a long, pointed nose. He has a dark nose-stache and matching hair that stands aloft. Being a scientist, he wears a body length, long-sleeved lab coat, black pants, and shoes.


Clyde is a bold man who seeks to improve life by inventing things that unfortunately already exist leading to interesting results. He sometimes sees himself much more intelligent than his assistant though Leonardo advice typically is more logical. Despite this, Clyde cares for Leonardo's well-being.



Clyde appears in all 26 invention segments of The Alvin Show as well as multiple comics between 1963 and 1966, including the specials and the Clyde Crashcup Dell series.

He also appears in the 1981 special A Chipmunk Christmas, during a dream sequence, and the 1990 The Chipmunks Go to the Movies episode Back to Our Future, in which he takes the modern day Chipmunks back in time to meet their 1958 selves (technically 1960s selves).

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