This article is about the 1963 LP album. For other uses, see Christmas With The Chipmunks (disambiguation).

Christmas with The Chipmunks, Vol. 2 features The Chipmunks covering Christmas hits, with a single original. The tracks in this album and its predecessor Christmas with The Chipmunks were combined for the 2008 re-release Christmas with The Chipmunks.

Track Listing

Side One

  1. "Jingle Bell Rock" (The Chipmunks feat. Dave) - 1:42
  2. "Deck the Halls" (The Chipmunks feat. Dave) - 2:17
  3. "The Twelve Days of Christmas" (The Chipmunks feat. Dave) - 4:20
  4. "Hang Up Your Stockin'" (The Chipmunks feat. Dave) - 1:51
  5. "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" (Dave) - 2:30
  6. "Jolly Old Saint Nicholas" (The Chipmunks feat. Dave) - 1:47

Side Two

  1. "Wonderful Day" * (The Chipmunks feat. Dave) - 2:26
  2. "Christmas Time" (The Chipmunks) - 3:05
  3. "All I Want for Christmas (Is My Two Front Teeth)" (Theodore feat. Dave) - 1:40
  4. "O Christmas Tree (O Tannenbaum)" (The Chipmunks) - 2:23
  5. "The Night Before Christmas" (Dave feat. The Chipmunks) - 3:00
  6. "Here We Come A-Caroling" (The Chipmunks) - 1:55

(*) - denotes original Chipmunk song


The original release made the Billboard 200. Re-releases charted on Kid Audio and Holiday Albums.

Chart Weeks on Chart Peak Position
Billboard 200 [1] - 9
Kid Audio [1] - 11
Holiday Albums [1] - 31


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