Chipmunk Mania features The Chipmunks singing old favorites, including a side filled with covers of The Beatles' hits.

Track Listing

Side One

  1. "The Chipmunk Song (Christmas Don't Be Late)" * (The Chipmunks feat. Dave) - 2:22
  2. "Alvin's Harmonica" * (The Chipmunks feat. Dave) - 2:43
  3. "Ragtime Cowboy Joe" (The Chipmunks feat. Dave) - 2:08
  4. "The Alvin Twist" * (The Chipmunks) - 2:40
  5. "Chipmunk Fun" * (The Chipmunks feat. Dave) - 1:56
  6. "Witch Doctor" * (Dave feat. The Chipmunks) - 2:03
  7. "Mrs. Brown, You’ve Got a Lovely Daughter" - 2:48
  8. "I'm Henry the VII, I Am" - 2:12

Side Two

  1. "She Loves You" (The Chipmunks) - 2:14
  2. "Twist and Shout" (The Chipmunks feat. Dave) - 2:38
  3. "All My Loving" (The Chipmunks feat. Dave) - 2:21
  4. "Do You Want to Know a Secret" (The Chipmunks) - 2:05
  5. "A Hard Day's Night" (The Chipmunks) - 2:46
  6. "I Saw Her Standing There" (The Chipmunks) - 2:58
  7. "Can't Buy Me Love" (The Chipmunks) - 2:07
  8. "I Want to Hold Your Hand" (The Chipmunks) - 2:37

(*) - denotes original Chipmunk song

Note: The last two songs on side one are from the album Chipmunks à Go-Go. The Chipmunks were voiced by "studio singers" and not Ross Bagdasarian, Sr. in these tracks.


This album did not chart.


  • This album was only released in Canada.

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