Candy Confessions is an episode of the ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks series.


Grounded once again, Alvin begs Theodore to buy him the limited edition skateboard he's always wanted. But, Theodore gets sidetracked by his sweet tooth and squanders all of Alvin’s money on candy instead. Now Theodore is forced to tell the truth or make up an improbable story.[3]


Simon and Theodore are playing with blocks while Alvin keeps sending messages to them. They ignore them until Alvin throws down a chocolate bar to lure Theodore upstairs. Once in their room, Alvin, who's currently supposed to be doing his homework, convinces Theodore to go out and buy a limited edition skateboard deck. On the way to the store, Theodore stops by a candy stand for a sample causing him to miss the sale. He buys a 50 percent off coupon to help the stand employee and trips on the way back home. Alvin sees he returned without the skateboard so Theodore lies about being robbed. Alvin calls the girls, who break into the store to get customer records, to help find the robber. Theodore poorly describes the guy who supposedly robbed him and his brothers and The Chipettes set out to find the boy. Ashamed, Theodore tells Dave the truth shortly before everyone else captures the robber. At the skating center, Theodore finally tells them what really happened, to everyone's anger and disappointment. Back home, Theodore promises to pay Alvin back and does so with the help of his own candy stand and Simon's ingenuousness.





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