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  • Harrisondlittrell

    Episode Idea

    March 21, 2017 by Harrisondlittrell

    Note: This an idea for the 2015 show

    After an accident with one of Simon's experiments, Jeanette starts to uncontrollably physically inflate like a balloon, and the Chipmunks, Brittany, and Elenore try to keep her from floating away.

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  • Marchbaby

    Checking in

    March 2, 2017 by Marchbaby

    I finally got around to checking in. I know I have been gone for quite some time. I will try and stay active as I have missed the place, though I cannot guarantee how active I will be as I am currently a staff member on a roleplay I have been on for years. Either way if anyone would like to chat feel free to send me a message.

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  • DEmersonJMFM

    Multiple times in the past I've considered creating this blog for all the former users who wished to help with song pages but were unsure about how to construct them. Today I'm going to finally go over the important aspects of song pages for everyone so any confusion can be cleared and obstacles blocking editing of these pages can be lifted. The basic structure of these pages will be first outlined before editing technicalities and singer attribution are discussed.

    Nearly every song page is constructed the same (with few clear exceptions such as "The Chipmunk Song (Christmas Don't Be Late)"). Each song page is expected to have four primary parts: the intro paragraph, a video, the lyrics, and relevant categories.

    This paragraph seeks to infor…

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  • ChirpyChipmunks

    wikia watch

    January 5, 2017 by ChirpyChipmunks

    third time i've tried to post this announcement via my message board, but it's not working for some reason so i'm just gonna post it here via the blog page! ^-^

    anywho, i'll be on wikia watch for the next week or so as demersonjmfm is having some internet issues (he pm'ed me via the forum) so i just thought i'd say for those who probs don't know ^-^ :33

    ~S.T / Chirpy

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  • DEmersonJMFM

    Deciding to edit on Wikia for the first time can be daunting. Questions such as "how do I edit?," "what can I edit?," or "will I get in trouble for editing?" are a few that might roll through the mind of a potential editor. This blog hopes to address some of these questions as well as give tips (most of which are specific to Munkapedia) that might just help make one's initial edits smooth sailing.

    There are a few important facts you should know about Wikia wikis before editing. Wikis are created and maintained by a community of fans, like yourself, who continuous build pages through editing. Everyone's edits are edited by someone else at some point with the goal of creating the best pages possible for the fandom. Given the diversity of wiki…

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  • DEmersonJMFM

    The Munkapedia Statistical Report is an annual report, released by Munkapedia's administration, documenting stats about the activity of the wiki for community discussion in hopes of establishing long-term trends to better show where there is strength and where there is need for improvement. Our first report was released last year containing a few areas of interest. Over the last year, these areas were expanded to include five new charts, one of which utilizes some of last year's data.

    The first graph shows daily total wiki views and edits from April 1st, 2015 to March 31st, 2016. Views are graphed as the top line while edits are the bottom line. The gradient from red-yellow-green indicates what might be considered poor-average-great for the…

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  • DEmersonJMFM

    In January I posted a blog outlining two new moderator positions Wikia created and some concerns with implementing such positions on the wiki. With some feedback from the community, interest clearly exists and a general road map for policy changes for the Council and the wiki in general was created. The following is a draft of more specific proposed updates to Site Policy with the goal of regulating the promotion of the Discussion and Content Moderator positions to users with Admin potential.

    Additions are made in red, removals are crossed out, and comments are made in green.

    New users of Munkapedia will be welcomed immediately and accepted warmly.

    Rollback is an extra tool that allows one to quickly revert bad edits or vandalism by having a "rollb…

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  • ChirpyChipmunks

    just got back from seeing a special advanced screening of THE ROAD CHIP!! :D it was SO-SO GOOOOD, AHHH!! :DD i LOVED every second of it!! ^-^

    i wanna see it AGAINNNNNN! :33 when it's officially released, my mum said she'll take me to see it again!! :DD i brought one of the free cinema booklets home because it had the chipmunks on/in it!! :DD and then i got my mum to take a picture of the poster outside for me!! :33 but ohmygosh it was AMAZING eeee!! ^-^

    ooh btw, a couple of people behind us were singing along with the chipmunks' cover of uptown funk! :33

    and here's the booklet!

    ooh and the cinema was quite busy today!! :33 my sister said she tried taking my nephew to saturday's early screening, but she said it was SUPER crowded!! o:

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  • ChirpyChipmunks


    February 2, 2016 by ChirpyChipmunks

    my cinema is doing 2 special advanced screenings for THE ROAD CHIP this saturday and sunday (the 6th and 7th) at 11:10am!! AND MY MUM SAID SHE'LL TAKE ME TO SEE IT ON SUNDAY!! :DD

    I'M SO SO EXCITED!!! ^_^ :D :33

    what a BRILLIANT start to a sunday morning, eeeeee!!! :D :D :D :33 :33 :33 and i told my mum that we'll be seeing it multiple times too, because CHIPMUNKSSSSSSS, hehe :33

    i saw the other three films multiple times in the cinema, too!!

    OHMYGOSH!! :DD :DD :33

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  • DEmersonJMFM

    Welcome to 2016! As with all New Years, change is always inevitably around the corner. On the dawn of this year, Wikia plans to launch two NEW moderator groups tomorrow. These two groups have the potential to change how our site policy is written and how the Council of Chipmunks might function.

    These groups, seen as "junior admin" positions, seek to lessen the burden of Admins and open up interest, training, and trust to users with a desire to one day take on the role of a full Admin. A similar position, entitled "Moderator", was created Wikia-wide about a year ago and these new positions are build off that original idea by encompassing a broader scope. These positions are as follows:

    Discussions Moderators

    This position seeks to maintain all areas i…

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