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Batmunk is the main protagonist in The Chipmunks Go to the Movies episode Batmunk. He is portrayed by Simon.


Batmunk is a superhero with high tech weaponry to help him fight crime. He has a Bat Car that can change into a jet and submarine.

He is determined to rid the city of crime and wants more than anything to see criminals give up their lives of crime. This is shown when he tells the Jokester's henchmen that he will only let them go if they give up their lives of crime.

As Brice Wayne, he lives in a mansion with Happy, his butler, and runs a special toy company.. He also likes to support charities, one of these was making a special toy where the precedes would go to an orphanage because he comments that he was an orphan once.

He also likes to sleep in the way of a bat, upside down.


At the beginning of the episode, Batmunk is doing his inspection of the city when his computer tells him that a robbery in progress. The robbery is happening at Brice Wayne's toy shop where the three clown henchmen of his arch-nemesis The Jokester: Moe, Curly and Chuckles are stealing all the Batmunk toys and replacing them with Jokester toys.

Batmunk chases them to a pier where the three clown cower as Batmunk's shadow covers them. They beg for mercy and Batmunk agrees to let them go if they promise to give up their lives of crime. They promise but when Batmunk lets them go, he ends up being tied up by the three crooks who begin to make their escape. The hero frees himself from his restraints thanks to his special utility belt and recaptures the clowns and leaves them to handed over to the police while he flees from the scene in his jet.

Back at his secret cave beneath his mansion, his butler Happy is waiting. Batmunk changes out of his outfit tells him that he regrets not changing the criminals' ways. Happy goes on to remind him that Nicki Nale, a reporter from "The Chipmunk Quarterly" will interview him about his new toy for the orphan's benefit, little does he know that the Jokester intends to steal the new toy and make it his own.

Nicki Nale arrives at the mansion and Brice shows her all his toys. Happy is playing in the cave and goes straight through one of the walls while playing with one of Brice's inventions much to Nicki's surprise.

While the three clowns are stealing Brice Wayne's new toy from the shop, Nicki Nale spots them, takes a picture and runs away only to be captured by the Jokester himself. As Batmunk chases after them in his Bat Car, The Jokester and his men try to stop him with carpet tacks on the road and chomping him with his car. The hero, however, eludes the attacks and activates his ejector seat to get right on top of the Jokester's car.

Using a saw-like device from his belt, he cuts through the roof and rescues Nicki. At the same time, he leaves a fake bomb to distract them but the criminal escapes with the new toy.

Later, he inspects the safe where the toy was stolen and finds a note left by the Jokester saying: "He who laughs last, laughs best." He asks Nicki Nale to help him carry out a plan to lure the criminal back by broadcasting that the toy the Jokester stole was a fake and the real toy would be unveiled at the orphan's benefit on the same evening with Batmunk there to give total security.

At the orphan's benefit while Brice is giving his speech, the Jokester appears in his hot air balloon and tries to steal the supposed real toy by an extend-able claw from the stage. Brice Wayne tries to stop him but ends up getting lifted up along with Nicki Nale.

After hearing police sirens, the Jokester is forced to make his escape with Brice Wayne and Nicki Nale as his captives. He throws down a ransom note demanding that Batmunk shows up at Midnight with the real toy in exchange for the hostages. He doesn't know that Batmunk is really Brice Wayne.

At the Jokester's amusement park hideout, Brice and Nicki are tied up in the cart of a broken down roller coaster that he will activate if Batmunk doesn't show up.

Nicki assures Brice that Batmunk will show up, but Brice has his doubts because he is the real superhero.

When Midnight strikes, the Jokester is about to pull the lever when Batmunk's jet appears, revealing Happy who disguised himself as Batmunk, but the villain mistakes him for the real hero and demands the toy. When Happy reveals that he doesn't have it, he activates the roller coaster and tries to run away, taking the bundle containing the supposed fake toy with him.

Happy saves them with the Bat Jet and Nicki is amazed when the butler removes the mask and thinks that he is the real Batmunk.

After exchanging costumes, Brice goes after the Jokester while Happy goes after the three clowns.

Batmunk lands right on top of the villain, knocking him into the ten pin bowling stall. The Jokester surrenders but asks where the real toy is before he is taken into custody. The hero takes the supposed fake one from him and reveals that it was the real toy all along. The villain is furious that he's been tricked. Meanwhile, the three clowns are also arrested.


Batmunk dresses in blue and grey with a special yellow utility belt with the initials BM on the buckle that holds all his gadgets. He also wears gold framed glasses so as not to reveal his identity with his traditional blue glasses. As Brice Wayne, he wears traditional suits and his original blue framed glasses.

Interesting Facts

Batmunk (Cameo)

Batmunk's cameo in the intro

  • Simon's character was based on the title character and hero in the 1989 movie Batman.
  • In the opening titles of every The Chipmunks Go To The Movies episode, Batmunk appears with his eyes glowing while he is stopping a burglar.
  • His costume lacks the Bat-Symbol on his chest that is Batman's official emblem.

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