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Baseball Heroes is episode 13A in Season 1 (1983) of Alvin and the Chipmunks.


The Chipmunks as Vendors
Catching the Thief

Believing that old uniforms are part of the reason their baseball team has been losing, The Chipmunks decide to get jobs as vendors at a baseball stadium to pay for new uniforms. While looking for the changing room, the boys find themselves in the sound room where they sing the national anthem over the P.A. system by mistake. Given a second chance, the boys begin selling hot dogs, peanuts, and programs while another employee pick-pockets consumers. After Simon realizes he's been robbed, the boys work in overtime to make up the money and happen to catch the thief in the process. To thank them, the owner of the stadium buys them new uniforms and allows them to play at the stadium.




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