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Alvin on Ice is episode 21A in Season 2 (1984) of Alvin and the Chipmunks.


Alvin Rolled Up
Simon Dressed as Heather Williams
The Chipmunks & Heather

Alvin wants to be chair person for the school pageant so he states the famous figure skater, Heather Williams, will appear at the pageant. Since Alvin doesn't know Heather, The Chipmunks go to one of her performances to talk to her. On the way, they are picked up as stage hands. After they wreck the performance, they decide to sneak into her hotel to talk but land in the wrong party instead. The boys then plan to go to another one of her performances; this time they will be part of the show. They are unfortunately unable to give her the invitation but regardless, they are a hit. Heather happens to find their invitation and shows up to skate at the pageant.





The Chipmunks - Alvin on Ice10:19

The Chipmunks - Alvin on Ice

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