Alvin and the Chipmunks Go to the Movies: Kong! is an Alvin and the Chipmunks VHS released on April 14, 1994.


You're in for king-sized thrills as The Chipmunks produce their biggest Hollywood spectacle, Kong! Alvin plays a big-time Broadway producer looking for his next "colossal attraction." Thanks to his helpful jungle guide Kiki (Theodore), he finds "just the ticket" when he meets Kiki's best friend - a giant gorilla named Kong! Against Kiki's better judgement, "Big Shoot" Alvin takes his newest star to New York, where Kong becomes the biggest musical star on Broadway ... literally! Kiki and Kong learn that true friendship is far more precious than fame and fortune when the ape comes down with Massive Culture Shock and goes bananas in the Big Apple!


¹ denotes new release to VHS, re-released to DVD
² denotes new release to VHS, not re-released to DVD


  • This VHS is the last release to contain an episode not yet released to DVD.
  • Kong! is one of the few episodes left in The Chipmunks Go to the Movies that has not been released to DVD.