Alvin Dell Comic 11 is the eleventh comic issue in the 28 comic Alvin 1962-1973 Dell Comics series and was originally sold for 12 cents.



  • Alvin - Hassle in a Castle - 8 pages
Someone is trying to steal Uncle Wesley's gold.
  • Alvin - Gold Galore - 12 pages
The Chipmunks are convinced that Uncle Wesley's friends, Laughing Horse and Parson Peebles, are the ones trying to steal his gold
  • Alvin - Who-Dunnit? - 7 pages
The identity of the people trying to steal Uncle Wesley's gold are revealed.
  • Little Angela - Crazy, Daddy, Crazy - 4 pages


  • The Big One - 1 page



  • This comic contains an advertisement for 213 collector stamps for 25 cents.


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