Alvin's Not So Super Hero is an episode of The Chipmunks series.


Alvin and his brothers are watching his favorite television show when his name's drawn to meet his hero from the show. The Chipmunks are driven to the studio in a limo shaped as a spaceship. At the studio, Alvin is nervous but his brothers help him out. While Alvin and his hero are filming, they are involved in an accident that reveals that his hero is really played by an old man. When everyone finds out, he loses his job and begins selling everything he owns. The Chipmunks decide to help him by placing fliers for a new performance. He's booed off stage so the boys help him become the hero he was believed to be by dressing as a robber and a lady so he can save her. After a less than successful try, he saves the boys from a lion and is given a new show allowing him to show his age.




  • Released on VHS in the U.K.

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