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A Day in the Life is episode 80B in Season 7 (1989) of The Chipmunks.


2013-02-12 2342

Simon makes a video of his family for his class project. Unfortunately for Dave and his brothers, he took the video in far from their best moments, and they're embarrassed when Simon's video will be airing on TV, as Dave is due for an award and Alvin has to keep a cool image to impress a girl to go to prom. To stop this, Dave, Alvin and Theodore resort to breaking into the TV studio to steal the video in the middle of the night. They fail to find Simon's tape and are caught by security and sent home. When Dave, Alvin and Theodore arrive home, they are surprised to see Simon awake and watching TV. Simon wearily explains he forced himself to stay awake until 3AM as that was the time-slot for his video, when hardly anyone is watching television, thus alleviating the others' fears of public embarrassment.




  • As of right now, this episode isn't available in English.


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